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MovingInsurance.com© (Moving Insurance, LLC) is an provider of online moving insurance. They offer insurance for household moves and commercial relocations from the nation’s top insurance providers to ensure that our clients get the coverage they need.

Shipping Insurance
Coverage is offered from AGCS Marine Insurance Company©. They offer many different options of coverage; from total loss only, to all-risk.

The cost of the insurance, or premium, is based on a proportional rate, relevant to the declared value of your shipment and the level of deductible you have chosen, and includes an administrative fee. Rates vary depending on your insurance type as well as based on your household goods’ final destination, whether be locally, out of state or internationally.


  • More coverage than the standard moving carrier offers.
  • Offers actual insurance.
  • Purchase online


  • Make sure to select the correct coverage that is needed or the entire shipment may not be covered.
  • Household moves are notoriously tough to insure and value.

order clomid over the counter

Private Shipping InsurersMovingInsurance.com©MovingInsurance.com© (Moving Insurance, LLC) is an provider of online moving insurance. They offer insurance for household moves and commercial reloc…

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  1. 18
    order clomid 100mg online Says:

    It is my opinion that this insurance company is a rip off. They are friendly when you are purchasing insurance but when it comes to filing a claim they are not helpful nor was their follow through prior to the move. They told me that they would call the moving company to make special arrangements for items we insured which and they did not. They want you to do all the leg work yourself, file claim, take pictures of damaged items, send e-mails, and after all that they still will deny your claim. Do NOT use this Moving insurance. They will do everything they can not to pay out your claim. I am thoroughly disgusted with this company

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    Feedback: 3 positive
  2. 17
    Peggy Says:

    It has been almost 10 months, but I think I’ve gotten some satisfaction with my claim. Made a complaint to the NJ BBB and NJ Dept of Insurance and submitted an arbitration claim. Others might think about doing the same and keep letting the public know what a horrible company MovingInsurance.com is.

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    Feedback: 3 positive
  3. 16
    Bryant B. Says:

    Horrible experience. Denied my claim because I missed the 48 hour window.

    We had tons of boxes to unpack and sort through – how are we supposed to get through it all in 2 days. We notified them as soon as we had a list of broken and missing items and they said they’d take care of it. So we completed and submitted the paperwork they requested.
    Final result – they denied 90% of our claim because we didn’t notify them within 48 hours.
    I’ve used other moving insurance companies and had a good experience (including moving internationally) – but don’t use movinginsurance.com – they rely on the fine print to avoid paying on legitimate claims. 🙁

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    Feedback: 2 positive
  4. 15
    purchase clomid pct Says:

    I really wish a class action could be brought against these con artists!! One of their so-called “top movers” completely wrecked my 65″ 4K TV (and of course I had purchased the extra mechanical/electrical coverage “just in case”). Naturally, no payout because the movers LIED and put MCU on the paperwork, meaning they didn’t know whether or not the TV worked. Fools were WATCHING THE TV while packing up the other things at my apartment, so they certainly knew it worked!! At any rate, if someone reads this…DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

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    Feedback: 4 positive, 2 negative
  5. 14
    PK Says:

    OMG! What a scam! This company is in collusion with the movers! My intrastate mover delivered my belongings in a different truck than what was loaded, took most of the blue packing materials off my furniture. Needless to say, I had so much damage. Replacement insurance is a joke…they find a way to discount that! Spent weeks getting pictures, estimates, etc. The result, $15,000+ of damages they wanted to settle for $160.00. Then they want you to sign a release that you won’t “engage in any conduct or communication designed to disparage MovingInsuance.com and US Specialty Company”. Well, for $160.00, I’d rather let the general public know the truth and protect themselves. Next stop, Department of Insurance, BBB and my attorney!

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    Feedback: 6 positive, 1 negative
  6. 13
    S. Amato Says:

    You should avoid doing any business with this company. Just before we get started as one of the other reviewers stated, I did read all of the point in their contract before, during and after my move and it is typical language that an insurance company writes when they have no intention of paying claims. As most of reviewers have stated, MovingInsurance.com consistently low balls the replacement or repair cost of the damaged items and accumulates the total loss of the claim up to or at the insured’s deductible. They also do not fairly and accurately assess (for a given market) the cost to have the items repaired or replaced. In speaking to my moving company, they consistently hear complaints from their customer who want to protect their items, and look to an outside party for that protection. How Movinginsuraance.com’s operates is to get their customers into the paper chase of providing to them forms, documentation, pictures and comparable pricing of the items, which by the way we did and spent hours accumulating. Once that information is submitted, they just ignore it.
    My recommendation is go with a good mover and hope the move goes smooth with minimal damage. Wasting money on a premium with these people is crazy! They will not pay for anything.

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    Feedback: 2 positive, 1 negative
  7. 12
    TAR Says:

    One of the worst businesses with whom I’ve ever had the misfortune to trust. They are in collusion with Moving Companies who recommend them to unsuspecting clients.

    I give them low values for Price, Service, and Claims–because although the price was reasonable, they refused to pay the claim. Therefore, I wasted my money on a useless policy. Their Customer Service representatives were so “helpful and friendly”, but they misrepresented the policy, misled me, and exploited my stress levels when they sold me a policy and led me to believe I had a solid coverage during a cross country move.

    I bought insurance and a High-Value Policy rider when I moved my parent’s antique & vintage furniture across country. They damaged two of my high-value items. They offered $150.00 to replace a $400+ ($250.00 deductible) lampshade and refused every other claim.

    Read the policy closely, it has significant exceptions that pretty much grant them license to deny claims. They also have a clause whereby clients waive the right to sue in any state other than New Jersey. MovingInsurance.com is headquartered in New Jersey and this clause pretty much guarantees disgruntled clients living in other states won’t bother to sue.

    Customers who suffer a negative experience should file with the Better Business Bureau. This company is bust; they don’t deserve their A rating.

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    Feedback: 5 positive, 1 negative
  8. 11
    buy clomid pct Says:

    They denied all of my claims. They said the movers had to inspect everything before and after shipping – which they obviously did not, therefore the electronics coverage was not covered. I had a claim for a $50 electronic that was damaged that they denied because of this. Items that were lost were not covered because the movers had me sign a statement saying everything arrived in tact. Therefore they denied covering all items lost by the movers. Do not count on this coverage – you will be denied for any claim.

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    Feedback: 8 positive, 1 negative
  9. 10
    buy clomid online usa Says:

    Before you sign read the fine print and make sure you understand the contract. They enforce it!

    You need to report damaged or missing items within 48 hours of delivery! Who can do that? I had boxes every where and it took me weeks to discover things. Now they won’t honor my policy and I’m out the $450 I paid, plus thousands on loss from moving company.

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    Feedback: 11 positive, 1 negative
  10. 9
    KMB Says:

    Refused to pay a dime on a claim where I witnessed the movers breaking some of my items that I was requesting payment on. Even with photos and records they required they took the movers word over mine. Told me by phone that even if I did box my own items, if they clearly mishandled them and smashed the boxes, I was covered – this was clearly just a marketing line as they would not cover anything not packed in boxes by the movers, even if they did drop them in front of me. They were also $200 more than others and not worth a penny of it. Poor service, unreasonable rates, and seem to be working for the movers and not the insured. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU ARE MOVING ANYTHING OF VALUE!

    Feedback: 9 positive, 2 negative
  11. 8
    P.C. Says:

    Terrible, non-existant customer service. Will find a way to deny every claim.

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    Feedback: 7 positive, 1 negative
  12. 7
    JG Says:

    Terrible everything– they don’t respond to email, they mislead customers, and will find any excuse not to pay out on a claim…

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    Feedback: 7 positive, 1 negative
  13. 6
    Cody Hidden Says:

    Not to hijack this thread, but I’m seeking the best insurance agency and I can’t figure out who is good and who is not… has anyone ever heard of this insurance agency? It’s office is in Louisville, not too far from my office, but I can’t find reviews on them. — Braden Insurance Agency Inc., 3069 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40220, (502)454-9191

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    Feedback: 3 positive, 4 negative
  14. 5
    David Says:
    Claims Handling

    First of all they are expensive, second they don’t pay shipping or tax so if your replacement item isn’t next door good luck. Lastly their customer service is non-existiant. You can’t get them on the phone and they won’t tell you when you will get reimbursed. Six weeks running and nothing!!! If your mover uses them, regardless of cost, get someone else. You’ve been warned.

    Feedback: 5 positive, 1 negative
  15. 4
    Jim Says:
    Claims Handling

    Complete scam artists – good at taking your money and promising you coverage, not so good at actually paying out. Expect a ridiculously low settlement offer with a “sign that you accept it in 30 days or we’ll close your file”. Plan on hiring a lawyer if you’re unfortunate to need them to make good on a claim.

    Feedback: 4 positive, 1 negative
  16. 3
    DB Westmoreland Says:
    Claims Handling

    $8,600 of damage to my furniture and they denied my claim entirely. My moving company recommended them but MovingInsurance.com claimed all damage was done my the moving company and THEY DID NOT PAY ONE DIME of my claim. I would NOT trust them with insuring you belongings!!! BEWARE!

    Feedback: 11 positive, 1 negative
  17. 2
    Robert Says:
    Claims Handling

    you have coverage but it doesn’t pay. Denied my claim just because the mover did not document the damage correctly at the time of move. Mover and insurance are in collusion thank God I did not have major damage to an insured item

    Feedback: 7 positive, 1 negative
  18. 1
    Ed Corn Says:
    Claims Handling

    Excellent customer service, reasonable rates, and the best point: Now I have insurance for my household goods during my move. I am a happy customer.

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    Feedback: 2 positive, 19 negative

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