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Claims Handling

Shipsurance Insurance Services, Inc.©, previously Discount Shipping Insurance (DSI), is a private shipping insurance provider. They provide coverage for shipments sent via the major shipping carriers at a greatly reduced rate; often more than 90% off of the carrier rates.

Shipping Insurance
Shipsurance© offers shipping insurance and cargo insurance to all size shippers. They allow low volume shippers to insure with them via their website on a one-by-one basis. Volume shippers can sign up for open coverage and insure all their shipments at a greater discount. Coverage is offered from Lloyds of London©. They also offer coverage through order clomid over the counter.

They provide a proprietary reporting software called “eReport” free of charge to their customers. This software allows for electronic reporting with UPS© Worldship©, FedEx© Ship Manager©,©, Endicia© Dazzle, and eBay©.

Rates are typically 50%-90% less that the shipping carrier rates.


  • Large cost savings
  • Offers actual insurance coverage.
  • Covers all carriers.
  • Claims processed within one week
  • Paperless claims process.
  • Integrated with most shipping systems.
  • Automated “eReport” software suite.
  • Open API for reporting.


  • Certain items are not allowed to be covered.
  • Certain destination countries are not available for coverage.
  • Separate bill for insurance vs. the carriers.

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Private Shipping InsurersShipsurance©Shipsurance Insurance Services, Inc.©, previously Discount Shipping Insurance (DSI), is a private shipping insurance provider. They provide coverage …

User's Ratings
Claims Handling
84 positive — 4 negative

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  1. 120
    Ron Says:

    Very helpful when item was lost in mail on an International sale. Thank you for great service.

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  2. 119
    Esther Says:

    I recently filed a claim on an item which I sold online. It was slightly damaged during shipping. The paperwork was processed quickly and the claim was paid within a week. I know I will for sure continue to purchase insurance from them.
    Excellent service and fair rate. Where else should I go?

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  3. 118
    cheap clomid uk Says:

    Shipsurance is the ABSOLUTE BEST. I’ve had to file Insurance claims with USPS, GlobalPost and UPS. Just the other day I had an issue with something I shipped via GlobalPost. I didn’t buy Shipsurance on that package because GP said they insure everything up to $100.00. At any rate the package got lost in Brazil. GlobalPost asked me to fill out a form and have the customer sign it. The customer couldn’t understand the Paperwork, so I had to “make” another form in Portugese (using Google Translater), but explained to the customer that I needed them to fill out the “English” form, since that’s the only one GlobalPost would accept. The customer tried to send it back to me with an Electronic Signature, but GlobalPost said he needed to print it out and physically sign it. He didn’t have a printer! In the end I couldn’t file the claim with GlobalPost, so their Insurance is completely useless!
    Compare that with Shipsurance. When a Package on it’s way to Italy was lost, They sent me a link with some info to fill out. Once that was done, they sent another link for the customer to fill out (all online so easily translated to other languages) Customer filled out her part and that was it. Within about a week, everything was deposited back in my Paypal account. Including cost of shipping, insurance and the Retail of what the item sold for!

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    Feedback: 1 positive
  4. 117
    cheap clomid free shipping Says:

    They pay all of my claims promptly. When I have had to contact them, the service has always been professional and courteous. I highly recommend Shipsurance Insurance Services. I have been using them for years, and they have saved me thousands of dollars on packages that were lost or damaged.

    Did you find this review helpful? cheap clomid 100mg   can i buy clomid in abu dhabi

    Feedback: 1 positive
  5. 116
    buy clomid online 50mg Says:

    VP Mr. Shmorak and his staff are absolutely the best at providing tip-top customer service. I sell high end collectibles and there is always a chance an item can be damaged during transit – I can always rest assured that I am covered 100%! I have been with Shipsurance for God knows how long (a long time) and I would NEVER insure through ups or usps again. This is absolutely the best solution for both small and large business who need insurance during shipping. Thank you Mr. Shmorak for your Platinum customer service – nothing but the best found here!

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  6. 115
    Kennie Christie Says:

    I had three claims filed with Shipsurance. I was surprised that they processed and paid all 3 claims in just 2 days. I am waiting for my checks to come through. Hopefully it should not take long. I am really impressed with their service. Also, they have minimal waiting time when you call in which is a huge plus for me.

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    Feedback: 1 positive
  7. 114
    Paul S. Says:

    Shipsurance has been a great option for our firm. Low premiums and fair, fast claims handling. We ship about 500 packages per month with most of the insured. We are happy to not deal with the carriers anymore.

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  8. 113
    where can i buy clomid tablets in south africa Says:

    On the 2 different occasions that I had a legitimate claim with Shipsurance, they would not pay. If you have to file a claim with these scumbags, they will try to make you jump through a 1000 ridiculous hoops until you finally just give up. It’s SAD, and it’s been going on for many many years.

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    Feedback: 1 positive, 2 negative
  9. 112
    james adams Says:

    howdy, i was not lucky as most. my shipper used shipsurance. i thought i was buying insurance for safe delivery of item. it was damaged badly. i had to get estimates of parts and pieces. assuming the buyer was going to restore it. both estimates were 334 and 335. i got 234 and nothing for labor on assumed restoration. my check was over 2 months out. i guess i was just special.

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    Feedback: 7 positive
  10. 111
    Michael Velasquez Says:


    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid and hcg online   buy clomid and metformin online

    Feedback: 7 negative
  11. 110
    Marcia Fanta Says:

    Great service, however, I would prefer payment in check as Papal payment costs me Paypal fees!

    Feedback: 1 positive, 2 negative
  12. 109
    Rick Andrews Says:

    Great company. Fast, professional handling and reasonable rates. Easily recommend to all small item shippers (my only experience). I have used them for many years and had ZERO problems. Glad their services are available. They make the USPS look like a bunch of thugs!!

    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid amazon   buy clomid online amazon

    Feedback: 2 negative
  13. 108
    is it illegal to order clomid online Says:

    We filed a claim on the 16th, and got a response (and approval) on the 23rd. Amazing! We were a bit skeptical at first to use Shipsurance because of previous experience with USPS insurance (where the chances of getting an approved claim is somewhere near 0.01%), but they are on a whole different level. The process is simple, electronically transmitted, and takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out all the information per claim.

    Thank you!

    Feedback: 5 positive, 1 negative
  14. 107
    can i order clomid online Says:

    Shipsurance is always fast, easy to do, friendly, and fair. I no longer dread having to make an insurance claim. Thank you!

    Feedback: 2 positive, 2 negative
  15. 106
    Mark McCloskey Says:

    I am a relatively new Shipsurance customer and have been very impressed with the service they provide. I ship a lot of fragile items and had my first item damaged in transport last week. The claim process was simple and the agent that worked with my claim, Vanessa, was very helpful and the claim was accepted and processed in less than a week. Nothing but good things to say about Shipsurance!

    Feedback: 2 positive, 2 negative
  16. 105
    Rich Says:

    Very satisfied with Shipsurance. I have been using them for a couple years and recently found that a package I shipped with FedEx was to the best of my knowledge dropped out of a plane to my customer’s front door. I was a bit weary as I had not had to file a claim previously. The claim process was quick and customer service very helpful and of course best of all the claim was paid!

    Did you find this review helpful? buy cheap clomid uk   buy clomid online with mastercard

    Feedback: 3 positive, 1 negative
  17. 104
    buy clomid online uk Says:

    Paid claim for lost package to Hong Kong with no problems.

    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid online paypal   buy clomid online reviews

    Feedback: 3 positive
  18. 103
    joseph cook Says:

    WOW-what a pleasant surprise this company is. I filed a claim with them for the first time about a week ago. I was a little unclear how to do it so I sent an email for instructions. I got an answer back the very next day and Mia was absolutely wonderful with her reply. She was very very helpful. My claim was settled in one week and my money was deposited into my paypal account. I cant say how happy I am about this-the post office has been breaking my stuff for years and NEVER honored my claims, although after the first two or three I didn’t even bother to file them anymore. Its Shipsurance for me from now on !!

    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid pct online   buy clomid pct uk

    Feedback: 3 positive, 1 negative
  19. 102
    where can i buy clomid for pct uk Says:

    This Company is nothing short of AWESOME in the way they handle & dispose of Claims! Never seen another Insurance Company that could have so much ‘attention to detail’, and I’m no Spring Chicken! Love you people, Rose

    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid cheap online   where can i buy clomid cheap

    Feedback: 1 negative
  20. 101
    buy clomid cheap uk Says:

    I have been using Shipsurance for a number of years. They have always been professional and friendly when answering questions. When I have had to file a claim, there has never been a problem or a hassle. I am very pleasantly surprised with this company. Thanks so much!

    Did you find this review helpful? buy clomid cheap price   buy generic clomid cheap

    Feedback: 2 negative

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